Use This Seven Step Guide To Help You Stop Smoking

Has anyone ever told you it was easy to quit smoking? Well, there you have it, but it doesn’t have to seem impossible, just difficult. Nothing good comes easy usually, so you have to work at quitting smoking to make it a reality. Continue reading to find out how you can use this seven step guide to help you stop smoking.

Your mind must be in your corner. This is quite hard because not smoking a cigarette is going to play with your mind. But, you must have this one thing under your belt to start with, and that is the fact that you’re going to quit no matter what. Even if you fall back and smoke a cigarette, you still have quit because after that cigarette, you’re still an ex-smoker? You see, you just keep quitting!

It is essential that all smoking supplies are not anywhere near you at home. Get rid of the ashtrays and the lighters. If you need a lighter for your barbecuing, then you need to get a barbecue lighter. Don’t keep the ashtrays around for others unless you absolutely have to, such as when you live with someone who was already smoking. Get all cigarette stuff far away from you as possible, especially when you’re trying to quit.

Choose a date so that you can give yourself some time to continue to prepare. During this time, you’re solidifying this date in your mind. Again, on this date, you quit smoking. If you pick up a cigarette after this date, you are still quitting. You just do not pick up another cigarette after you put that one out. Later, if you pick up another one sometime, you’re still quitting! Get it?

Talking to your doctor about your plans to quit smoking is essential to your success. Your doctor can recommend a prescription medication if you’re interested to help curb your cravings for nicotine while trying to quit. Your doctor can also monitor your health, which can be very motivating, talk to you about your concerns, and also recommend information to help you with your diet and exercise regimen.

It is going to play with your mind when you quit smoking. You need to prepare for this by remembering it first of all, forcing yourself to stay positive, and thinking of ways to distract yourself during trigger times. For instance, instead of having that cigarette after a meal, go for a walk.

Make sure you’re always as prepared as you can be for your battle. This will help you have a much better chance at quitting. It is a hard fought every minute of the day battle, but if you’re prepared, you can help it not feel like that so much.

Think about the ideas you’ve read here to help you stop smoking. The more knowledgeable you are about this battle, the better your results are going to be. In the end, the goal is to have quit smoking and to be doing well with that decision. Get started using the information you’ve read.

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