Quit Smoking Today With This Handy Guide On Quitting

Smoking is a very hard addiction to get rid of. It can make you ill after a while, and it just is a nasty habit to have. If you’re trying to quit, then you’ve come to the best place because this article will show you how everyone that wants to quit, can quit.

Get out some paper and write down every reason why you’re willing to quit. This could be so that you don’t get cancer, don’t smell or don’t waste your money any more. Really let it out and get down every bad fact about cigarettes that you can think of. Weigh this against what smoking does for you, which is probably related to stress reduction most of the time. That’s not a very good reason to keep smoking, considering all of the bad things that could happen and cause you more stress than quitting ever would!

Know that quitting is going to be a tough journey. You can go to the grocery store and get cigarettes or the gas station down the street. It’s so easy to get that most people find that getting off of illegal drugs can be easier since they’re a little more difficult to find. Don’t fool yourself into think that you will never have a craving again, because you will. People are smoking all over the place when you go out, and you’re going to be tempted. Just stay strong when you know you’re going to be around cigarettes!

Get a journal while you’re still smoking, and write down any of the reasons that made you smoke right before you have a cigarette. By making notes of what triggers you to smoke, you can start to develop ways to stay away from certain situations. For example, you may find that driving in your car is a time that you really like to smoke because you’re nervous about showing up to wherever you are going. Maybe it would be a better idea for you to take your bike there so that you keep your mind and body occupied if that’s when you always feel like smoking.

There are a lot of options to help you wean yourself off of cigarettes. Most notably are patches and gum. The way these things will help you to quit is that they slowly wean you off of smoking so that you don’t have very harsh withdrawal symptoms. You start with a high dose for a couple of weeks, and the next week you taper it down a little bit. Eventually you will be able to throw everything out and be off of nicotine altogether. Ask a doctor if you aren’t sure whether these methods are right for you or not.

Quitting is going to be very tough to do, but it has been done by lots of people before. By knowing what you can do to quit, you’ll be better off. Take this article’s advice, and get yourself as far away from smoking as you possibly can!

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